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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Specialist Commercial Joinery

On commercial fit out projects, specialist commercial joinery is essential for the safety of large structures and interior spaces, and for bringing design flair and practical solutions to fixtures and furniture.

When bringing together a commercial fit out, specialist commercial joinery should be included in early plans to ensure that the fit out can deliver the client’s vision.

Specialist commercial joinery is a key part of any fit out, and problems can occur further down the line if a joinery specialist hasn’t been consulted before being brought in to complete the work.

Specialist commercial joinery for your project

Specialist commercial joinery is the design and installation of the wooden elements of a build, such as stairs, doors, window and door frames. JSJ UK is a specialist commercial joinery manufacturer that delivers bespoke fit out schemes.

Our specialists bring a range of bespoke manufacturing skills to refurbishment and build projects, either as a subcontractor or as the project and site management team.

Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

Commercial sectors we serve include retail, leisure, education, accommodation and health. Our bespoke service allows us to manufacture to the client’s specification and branding.

JSJ UK also bring time-served expertise in furniture manufacture to commercial fit out projects.

We create bespoke furniture that enhances a design concept and delivers practical and ergonomic solutions for the user. User experience is an essential indicator of the success of a project.

Key benefits of specialist joinery

Specialist joinery allows experts to create beautiful concepts that are bespoke to a project. There are many key benefits of specialist joinery.

Bespoke to your needs

Specialist joinery results in fixtures, fittings and furniture that are made to measure. This means that the priorities of the client can be met rather than having to compromise based on space available and other practicalities.

Brand identity

For any commercial fit out, being authentic to the client’s branding is vital. Specialist joinery accommodates bespoke elements of branding within the design scheme.

Bespoke joinery for Manchester office


A key benefit of specialist joinery is the quality of the work and the product. Compared with off-the-shelf solutions, specialist joinery concepts last longer and look far more impressive. Whether it’s the product itself or how beautifully intricate joints have been connected, the quality of work offers a substantial return on investment.


Commercial spaces must be safe for those who use it. When it comes to structures such as staircases, the expertise of specialist joiners ensures that the quality of design and build provides that safety.

Bespoke office refurbishment

If the project is a refurbishment it can be difficult to source fixtures and furniture that match an existing scheme. With bespoke office refurbishment, designs can be matched so that existing fixtures such as storage and furniture don’t need to be ripped out. This saves money and time.

JSJ UK provide bespoke office refurbishment services for Cat A and Cat B fit outs. The refurbishment can be for all or part of an office building, occupied or not. We also have vast experience in working on bespoke office refurbishments in listed buildings.

How can we help?

To find out more about our specialist commercial joinery services, contact JSJ UK on 01772 827173 or at info@jsjuk.co.

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