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Specialist bespoke joinery services

Specialist bespoke joinery services

Specialist bespoke joinery services in commercial spaces encapsulate a company’s culture by expressing its individuality and brand identity through unique fixtures, features, and furniture.

Commercial office design is more important than ever, as businesses compete to recruit the best candidates and also show their brand in the best possible light to customers.

If an office looks tired or uninspiring, it sends the message that the company makes little effort to provide an inspirational working environment. However, if an office features bespoke joinery to enhance the interior, it gives the impression that they are committed to providing the best client and employee experience.

We offer specialist bespoke joinery services

JSJ UK are specialists in bespoke joinery manufacturing. We work predominantly in the leisure, retail, commercial, accommodation, education, and health sectors.

We spend valuable time getting to know our clients to understand their goals and aspirations for their building, and the kind of impression they want to create.

From our workshop in Preston, we then develop bespoke joinery designs that transform commercial spaces. JSJ UK works on a wide range of fit out schemes, creating stunning bespoke joinery fixtures such as staircases, storage units, seating panelling and features unique to the client, alongside bespoke furniture that is both striking and practical.

We offer specialist bespoke joinery services

Have a look at our case study for IPF in Leeds, where provided a range of specialist bespoke joinery services.

Why use bespoke furniture on your project?

Bespoke joinery provides the opportunity for the design of made to measure furniture. This maximises the use of space, particularly in awkwardly shaped rooms. You can also request unique finishes and styles that aren’t available from retailers or wholesalers.

The quality of bespoke joinery is another primary reason for choosing bespoke furniture on your project. Bespoke furniture is made from the most durable materials, and professionally handcrafted to create furniture that oozes quality and lasts a long time.

Bespoke furniture is also the perfect way to match existing pieces from a design that has become obsolete. This saves the cost of replacing furniture that still looks good and is useful.

How will bespoke joinery services benefit your next project?

The quality and artisanship of bespoke joinery offer a significant return on investment. Bespoke joinery pieces have a substantial lifespan and a timeless style, so they don’t need to be replaced as often as off the shelf alternatives.

Bespoke joinery services create fixtures and furniture that enhance productivity. By designing your own layout of fixtures and the best furniture style for your needs, you are creating a productive space that benefits teams and clients.

The design and feel of a commercial space are more important now than ever before. The rise of Instagram and TikTok as visual social media platforms shows that workers and customers are keen to be in inspirational places, and more importantly they share images and videos of their surroundings on a very regular basis.

For this reason, companies in the leisure, retail, and hospitality sectors particularly, are keen to present a unique environment that is inviting and worthy of a social media post. Bespoke joinery services are key in creating stunning, innovative spaces that attract social media attention.

How will bespoke joinery services benefit your next project


Can you incorporate my branding into my bespoke joinery scheme?

Yes, we would advocate incorporating your branding wherever appropriate to create a truly unique style concept.

What materials do you work with?

We work with timber, acrylics, laminates, fabrics, and other materials requested by our clients.

Are your bespoke joinery products sustainable?

Sustainability is a major consideration in all our work. We can discuss your own goals regarding sustainability to develop appropriate designs.

Choose JSJ UK for your next bespoke joinery project

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