Bespoke joinery for Autocab

101 Embankment, Manchester

Project: 101 Embankment

Client: Flexible Business Interiors

Total project value: £1.3 million

Nestled against the enchanting backdrop of Manchester Cathedral and the historic Medieval Quarter, 101 Embankment stands tall as a modern oasis in the heart of the bustling city. Boasting sleek office spaces and unparalleled accessibility near Deansgate, this freshly minted destination exudes sophistication and style, setting a new standard in contemporary workspace.

JSJ UK took centre stage in crafting the building’s remarkable first impression, spearheading bespoke joinery manufacturing for the light-filled, double-height reception area. This pivotal space, designed to exude elegance and excellence, showcases a myriad of stunning design elements and meticulously crafted bespoke joinery.

A masterwork in precision and innovation, our team orchestrated the fabrication of key elements at our Preston workshop, ensuring a seamless installation within a challenging timeframe on site. By meticulously crafting components in our workshop, we upheld a standard of excellence, minimising errors and delivering uncompromising quality.

Among the standout features are a striking, serpentine seating area curving elegantly through the reception space, creating cozy and inviting alcoves. These bespoke joinery designs, with their unique height and organic shapes, not only soften the grandeur of the area but also offer a tactile and enveloping environment for visitors to relax and linger.

Complementing this design are tiered planters, meticulously crafted to infuse a modern flair and elevate the reception’s warm ambiance. The flowing curves of the planters harmonise with the booth seating, creating a cohesive visual narrative that extends to curved panelling delineating distinct zones within the space.

These design elements cascade into a captivating display wall, featuring bespoke shelving that elegantly showcases a beautifully lit TV alcove. Finally, a crowning touch to the design’s success is the bulkhead ceiling, a grand installation above the reception desk. This architectural marvel not only adds intimacy to the vast space but also serves as a welcoming beacon for visitors engaging with building staff.

Navigating through the trials and triumphs of this project, we confronted tight timelines head-on. Our team embraced the challenge with unwavering determination, working tirelessly to uphold precision and excellence. In just six weeks, we seamlessly installed numerous large-scale features, culminating in the timely handover ready for the building owners’ eagerly anticipated opening celebration.

The utilisation of Versital on the reception desk introduced its own set of hurdles. This bespoke solid surface material, synonymous with luxury as ‘cultured marble’ or ‘imitation marble’, demanded meticulous customisation to align with the design’s exact specifications while ensuring a flawless finish. Overcoming the intricate nuances of its installation, our team’s expertise and patience prevailed, delivering the desired outcome within the project’s timeframe.

Furthermore, the installation of the bulkhead presented logistical puzzles to solve. With multiple trades bustling on site, each operating under a stringent timeline, clear communication and strategic coordination were imperative to guarantee safety and flawlessness while working at height.

As the finishing touch to the transformation, the reception of 101 Embankment now stands as a beacon of warmth and inspiration, a testament to the unwavering dedication and masterful craftsmanship exhibited by the JSJ UK team.