Bespoke joinery for Autocab

Orega, Manchester

Project: Orega

Client: ADT Workplace

Stepping up to elevate Orega’s Manchester city centre office space, our partnership with ADT Workplace flourished into a captivating workplace fit-out project.

With evolving demands calling for a fresh approach, our brief was clear: infuse bespoke joinery manufacturing innovations into the workspace, aligning with the modern trends shaping office design.

Fostering collaboration and connectivity, our joinery design manifested in a series of inviting collaborative zones, catering to the needs of a hybrid workforce transitioning between office and remote work. From social seating areas encouraging spontaneous discussions to cozy booths fostering focused work and creative brainstorming, every touchpoint was crafted with intention and functionality in mind.

Beyond aesthetics, our attention to detail extended to practical elements like wall panelling with exceptional acoustic properties, enhancing the workspace’s sound environment. Strategically placed dividing screens delivered dedicated working zones for diverse teams and tasks, yet a cohesive design language of neutral tones and oak finishes infused a serene contemporary vibe throughout.

With seamless execution on site, the project flowed effortlessly to completion, meeting deadlines with precision and finesse. The end product embodies a bright, inviting, and flexible workspace designed to inspire productivity and adaptability.

Drawing praise for its resemblance to the envisioned CGIs, the transformation stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, setting a new standard for modern work environments.