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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke joinery for office refurbishment

Bespoke joinery is increasingly seen as the most cost-effective, practical and eye-catching solution for office refurbishments.

Rather than looking for the quickest and cheapest fixtures and furniture, companies are coming to understand that bespoke joinery design that inspires employees to achieve and innovate is far preferable to drab, lifeless office spaces.

JSJ UK is a bespoke joinery manufacture and design company that delivers bespoke joinery for office refurbishments throughout the UK.

Why choose bespoke joinery for your project?

Office workers have higher expectations of their work environment than ever before. Their choice of employer is increasingly influenced by the surroundings in which they’ll be asked to work. Employers understand this and know they must offer aspirational workspaces to attract the best talent. This is where bespoke joinery plays its part.

Bespoke joinery conveys quality and high standards, reflecting the culture and expectations of the company. But that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. The return on investment for bespoke joinery in office refurbishments is evident in the durability and quality of the beautifully crafted fixtures and furniture.

Quality, bespoke office fixtures will still be there long after readymade alternatives are gone. Likewise bespoke office furniture far outlasts off-the-shelf desks, cupboards and seating.

Advantages of bespoke fitted furniture

For office refurbishments, bespoke joinery allows for adventurous experimentation with materials and styles. Bespoke joinery can also incorporate a company’s branding and be a key element in a cohesive design across the entire office space.

Bespoke staircases, benches, seating booths, desks and other joinery fixtures and fittings create a professional environment and a positive impression to staff, visitors and clients.

If your project is a refurbishment that will keep some existing furniture, bespoke office furniture can be designed to match the pieces that are already there, avoiding the need to replace all furniture.

Our bespoke joinery for office refurbishment projects

JSJ UK have designed and manufactured bespoke joinery for a range of office refurbishment projects.

IPF (International Personal Finance), Leeds

JSJ UK were asked to create a range of bespoke joinery for IPF in Leeds, including the reception desk with signage, meeting booths, timber slat screens, timber wall cladding, kitchen installation, seating booths and a bespoke ceiling raft.

36 Park Row, Leeds

JSJ were pleased to design, manufacture and install a range of bespoke joinery works for the innovative workspace 36 Park Row in Leeds. Our bespoke joinery included feare wall panelling, divider privacy screens, bespoke kitchenette area, and seating areas.

The Wilton Centre, Redcar

As part of a £2 million refurbishment to The Wilton Centre in Redcar, JSJ designed and manufactured a range of bespoke joinery solutions.

We manufactured a bespoke reception desk, a curved internet bar, a news station, bespoke slatted feature screens, feature wall dividers, and a feature call out station.


What sectors do JSJ UK serve?

We will work with any sector but predominantly we have expertise in leisure, retail, commercial, accommodation, education and health.

Do you just supply bespoke office furniture?

No, we also manufacture and design fixtures including staircases, walls, seating, office kitchens and much more.

Can I see and approve the designs before going ahead?

Yes, we use our in-house CAD software to showcase your project with impressive accuracy.

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For more information on JSJ UK’s bespoke joinery for office refurbishments, get in touch at info@jsjuk.co or by calling 01772 827173.

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