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Bespoke office refurbishment

Advantages of bespoke office refurbishment

Bespoke office refurbishment can transform the entire culture of an organisation. Working in tired, outdated surroundings can impact the motivation and aspirations of a workforce.

A bespoke interior fit out reminds staff that a company’s directors or owners care about working conditions which can dramatically increase productivity.

Using bespoke office design for a refurbishment is preferable to ordering off-the-shelf furnishings to match freshly painted walls and woodwork. Here we look at some reasons why organisations benefit from bespoke interior fit outs.

Bespoke joinery for practical solutions

When it comes to joinery, it is important that your office refurbishment takes into account, or even enhances your daily operation. Bespoke joinery allows an organisation to carefully consider the kind of furnishings that they really need, and where they should be located. There is also a more efficient use of space with bespoke joinery because it is carefully configured and designed to fit the room.

As a bespoke joinery manufacturer, JSJ UK specialise in manufacturing interior furniture and associated fittings, working with timber, acrylic, laminates and fabrics along with a range of natural and engineered materials.

End to end bespoke office refurbishment project management

Bespoke office refurbishment can be project managed so that the delivery of all components is unified, both timewise and in its design. JSJ UK’s project management includes the following services:

  • Layout and design
  • Budget and costings
  • Phasing and scheduling
  • Supply chain and trades management
  • Ongoing consultation, advice and guidance

Office design expertise

Companies don’t generally tend to have an officer in charge of refurbishment! This means that there is a lack of expertise in managing an office interior fit out. Office refurbishments can be disruptive and costly.

Bespoke office refurbishment companies are well versed in the pitfalls and challenges of bringing a bespoke interior fit out in on time, and within budget.

Listed and special building projects

When refurbishing offices in listed and special buildings, it is hugely important to understand the legislation and limitations. A bespoke office refurbishment company will know the tricks of the trade to suggest compromises when faced with these barriers, which eliminates a great deal of frustration.

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JSJ UK are bespoke joinery manufacturers of office fit outs, interior refurbishments and commercial interior fit outs. If you would like to learn how JSJ UK can add value and quality to your commercial space, get in touch.

If you are looking for an bespoke joinery manufacturer for your project, contact our team today to see how we can help, on telephone 01772 827173 or email us info@jsjuk.co

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