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Bespoke interior fit outs for commercial spaces

Commercial spaces are becoming less uniform. There has been a move in recent years towards the bespoke design of offices, retail outlets, education facilities and other commercial spaces. This unique, personalised approach to commercial interior fit outs provides an improved experience for both employees and visitors.

There are several ways in which JSJ UK can assist with bespoke interior fit outs. Our specialist joinery experts manufacture unique customised furniture for fit out schemes and refurbishments across many commercial sectors.

Cat A and Cat B bespoke interior fit outs

JSJ UK can assist with both Cat A and Cat B interior refurbishment fit outs with bespoke joinery manufacture of furniture and fittings.

What is the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit outs? A Cat A commercial interior fit out is usually commissioned by a landlord for an unoccupied space, ready to rent. A Cat B commercial interior fit out is to be carried out to the specifications of the tenant. This includes custom features and branding.

Full or partial bespoke interior fit outs

It may be that a project management company has already been commissioned to refurbish a commercial space and they require the specialist joinery skills that JSJ UK can offer. We can work in collaboration with other contractors on interior refurbishments, bespoke office fit outs and other commercial interior fit outs.

Alternatively, we can offer end-to-end project management including bespoke furniture design,  layout, budget, costings and scheduling.

Bespoke interior fit outs for commercial spaces

Pictured: The reception area of 340 Deansgate, Manchester, featuring bespoke joinery manufactured and installed by JSJ UK.

Listed or special building projects

Working on the bespoke interior fit outs of listed or special buildings requires expertise and bespoke joinery design. As a bespoke joinery manufacturer, JSJ UK can provide all the necessary advice and insight to ensure the project is completed with authenticity and due care.

Heritage buildings can be devalued by flat-packed or mass produced furniture. The quality of furniture produced by specialist joinery skills breathes life into older spaces.


What does commercial fit out mean?

Fitting out a space essentially means preparing it for occupation. For example, project requirements for an office space fit-out would include converting an empty space into a usable office environment, which could include a reception, office booths, desks, a dining area, and so on.

What is the difference between a commercial fit-out and a commercial refurbishment?

A fit out is different from a refurbishment in that a fit out is done on a new office space, whereas a refurbishment is done on your current workplace.

Why bespoke interiors for your fit out project?

JSJUK uses a diverse range of high-quality, long-lasting natural and engineered materials that meet the most stringent quality control standards.

In addition, we use cutting-edge software to accurately display every detail of your project, increasing efficiency, speeding up production, and eliminating errors. We can also design bespoke furniture to fit your commercial space and be customised to your specifications.

We also provide the following services for your project as part of our end-to-end project management infrastructure:

  • Layout and design service
  • Budget and costings
  • Phasing and scheduling
  • Access to an extensive network of trades
  • Ongoing consultation, advice and guidance
  • Supply chain management

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These are just some of the projects JSJ UK are involved with. JSK UK are joinery manufacturers for bespoke office fit outs, interior refurbishments and commercial interior fit outs. If you would like to learn how JSJ UK can add value and quality to your commercial space, get in touch.

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