Office design trends

Office design trends to look out for in 2022

Changes in work culture are revolutionising office design trends.

As more people work from home or adopt a hybrid approach between home working and office working, the needs of organisations and individuals have changed. Bespoke office furniture solutions that meet specific needs are leading the way in office design.

JSJ UK create bespoke furniture and fittings for offices and other commercial spaces. Bespoke doesn’t mean expensive. Value for money and a great return on investment, the cost of our customised designs doesn’t prohibit our clients from getting what they want.

Let’s look at some of the office design trends for 2022.

Home from home

Home working has brought about two significant changes in office design: home styling in commercial spaces and space-saving solutions in home offices.

In commercial offices, clinical sparse design is fast becoming a thing of the past. Employees used to working from home want their creature comforts to be replicated in commercial workspaces. Designated communal areas for relaxation and downtime are increasingly expected, featuring soft furnishings, bespoke seating options and coffee tables.

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Home offices are on the rise as workers create spaces for focus and productivity. Shelving, cupboards and desks are all basic components of the home office. Some of these spaces are particularly small, however, which is where bespoke furniture designs are more effective. It can be difficult to fit standard office furniture into a small room.

Not everyone has the room to accommodate a home office, so space-saving solutions such as the high quality JSJ Smart Space desk provide a fully functional work station that can be stowed away when not being used.

Internal staircases

Internal staircases facilitate an easy flow around an office building interior in an open plan layout. An internal staircase also increases airflow and brings more natural light into the building.

Bespoke design of internal staircases optimises the space available. Space under the stairs can be used as a clever storage system or it can be left open with, for example, seating underneath. To create the wow factor, panelling and handrails can be made from a variety of materials in eye-catching designs and finishes.

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Biophilia – the innate need for humans to connect with the outside world – has been an office trend for the last few years. Following so many months of working from home, this will continue to be an office trend into 2022 with employees accustomed to having access to their gardens while working.

Bespoke planters, storage units and display units will all play a part in bringing nature into the office environment.


Sustainability in office furniture solutions will still be a priority in 2022. The environmental impact of materials used in furniture and fittings matters to employees, designers and architects. The production methods used to create them are also under the spotlight.

The manufacture of bespoke office furniture and fittings is far more environmentally friendly than mass-produced products. It is also easier to follow a client brief that has eco specifications using bespoke designs than trying to find the correct products on the readymade market.

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