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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

How bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces and facilitates better workflow, a more human-centric environment and the opportunity to customise every room.

What is bespoke interior refurbishment?

It’s based on customised layouts that best suit the client. From there, designers apply unique colours and branding and use bespoke joinery, furniture and fixtures to create the environment and workspace outlined in the brief.

Benefits of bespoke interior refurbishment

There are many benefits of bespoke interior refurbishments. Here are some highlights:

  • Not all commercial spaces are in buildings with straight walls and standard sized rooms. Bespoke joinery and furniture is custom-made to fit and maximise the use of awkward spaces.
  • It is easier to create a brand identity through bespoke interior refurbishment. Branding is unique and can be expressed more effectively through bespoke layouts, interior design and bespoke workspace design.
  • The quality of the overall finish of a bespoke interior refurbishment project is superior to using off-the-shelf furnishings and fixtures. The artisanship of bespoke furniture is eye-catching and longer lasting.
  • Bespoke interior refurbishment can be project managed to co-ordinate all contractors and the sourcing of materials, resulting in a more cohesive design and installation.
Bespoke Interior Refurbishment

Core components of interior refurbishment

Interior design

For commercial spaces the interior design of a bespoke refurbishment should be based on boosting productivity. It must enhance the working lives of staff, create a great workflow, promote brand identity and be welcoming to all.

Fit out

The fit out is the preparation and development of the building to make it suitable for occupation. This includes electrical and mechanical work, decoration and furnishing.


The choice of furniture in an interior refurbishment will need to tick both the practical and design boxes. Bespoke joinery can create some incredible furniture pieces that both transform interiors and boost productivity.

Workspace design

Particularly in offices, workspace design has changed to accommodate the shift in how we work and our general wellbeing. There is now more need for collaborative and social spaces, as well as larger desks for debate and ideas.


Returning a building to its former glory with an interior refurbishment has been a popular choice in recent years over new builds. There is an appetite for transforming heritage buildings and retaining history within cities.

Bespoke Interior Refurbishment

Pictured: Bespoke joinery for Manchester office 340 Deansgate. Read the full case study here.

We are a trusted bespoke joinery company

JSJ UK is a trusted bespoke joinery company based in Lancashire. With a focus on bespoke joinery manufacturing we enjoy being involved in a wide range of bespoke interior refurbishments.

We can work for other contractors or provide project and site management from the initial concept through to completion of works. Our attention to detail and meticulous planning have been the foundations of our enviable reputation.

JSJ UK can help with both CAT A and CAT B projects, full or partial building refurbishments and listed or special building projects.

For more information on how we can help with your bespoke interior refurbishment, contact JSJ UK on 01772 827173 or email us.

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