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Bespoke office design for innovative workspaces

Bespoke office design for innovative workspaces

Bespoke office design for innovative workspaces gives architects, interior designers and landlords the opportunity to design offices that maximise productivity, comfort, branding and collaboration.

JSJ UK produce the highest quality customised office furniture and fittings for office fit outs across the UK. As bespoke joinery specialists, we understand what each individual project needs for optimum client satisfaction.

The benefits of bespoke office design

  • Productivity is greatly improved when an office is built or refurbished with bespoke office design. This is why leading, global companies such as Google and Innocent have invested so much in the design of their offices. Regular companies don’t need to go to similar extremes, but a focus on innovative office design will reap rewards in productivity and growth.
  • Brand identity benefits from customised office design. Branding accents such as colour, logos and slogans can be integrated into furniture and fittings. Branded offices help to promote a company on social media in images and videos.
  • Another benefit of careful consideration of office design is its effect on company culture. For example, bespoke furniture and fittings create collaborative spaces that influence innovation and a ‘can-do’ approach. Bespoke office design allows a company to create a winning culture that attracts and retains the best staff.
  • Not all offices are modern with straight walls and layouts. Offices in older buildings, particularly listed buildings, require customised furniture and fittings if the space is to be optimised.
  • Bespoke office design facilitates the use of quirky furniture and fittings in offices that are less conventional and more design-led. Standard office furniture and fittings rarely rise to the challenge of idiosyncratic design!
Commercial interior fit-outs using bespoke joinery
Office designs for commercial spaces

Office designs for commercial spaces

Office designs for commercial spaces must accommodate three significant factors: hybrid working, collaboration and breakout spaces.

Hybrid working will create the need for shared work stations rather than permanent desks.

Collaborative spaces are key, partly because of remote and hybrid working, but also for general productivity. Rather than an imposing traditional boardroom, an inviting collaborative space will influence innovation and team work.

Breakout spaces are very much on-trend in office designs for commercial spaces. With a focus on mental health and wellbeing, it is increasingly important that workers can spend time away from their desks to relax and recharge.

Office fitted furniture

Office fitted furniture can be contemporary, traditional or conceptually driven. At JSJ UK we use a range of materials to make a scheme work. We manufacture to specification, building bespoke office fitted furniture around a client’s brand. With our extensive expertise we can create office fitted furniture designs that we know are attainable and cost-effective.

Home office design inspiration

More people are now working remotely, so home office design inspiration is as crucial in homes as in commercial office design. However, not every worker has space for a home office.

The JSJ Smart Space Workstation answers this issue. This desk, from the home office design inspiration of JSJ’s expert artisans, is a space-saving solution that can be tucked away outside of working hours.

Office fitted furniture

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JSJ UK are joinery manufacturers with expertise in bespoke office design. For more information, get in touch.

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