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4 key elements of
bespoke furniture design

Bespoke furniture design is a collaborative process. When commissioned to work on bespoke joinery projects such as a commercial interior fit out or bespoke office fit out, at JSJ UK we’re keen to involve the client at all stages of the refurbishment process.

There are obvious, and some less obvious, elements to consider for a bespoke interior fit out to achieve the look and feel that you have envisaged for your commercial space.

Understand your concept

Bespoke furniture is versatile. For your bespoke interior fit out, you can choose between a contemporary, traditional or conceptually driven design on which the entire fit out, including the furniture, will be based.

There is a wide range of materials that can be used in a commercial interior fit out. These can include timber, acrylic, laminates, fabrics and more. Natural and engineered materials bring schemes to life.


Bespoke furniture design has a role to play in sustainability and minimising our carbon footprint. There has been a seismic shift towards the design and use of sustainable furniture in both commercial and domestic settings in recent years. Bespoke furniture design, made with sustainable materials, says much about a company’s values and ethics.

Sustainable timber products can be used to make stunning furniture pieces in commercial interior fit outs. Making bespoke furniture that lasts enhances the sustainability credentials even further.

bespoke furniture design

Pictured: Bespoke furniture crafted in our workshop.


The finer details of bespoke furniture design can make all the difference. Choosing the right handles, for instance, for bespoke furniture can transform the entire space. Choices might also be made on a practical basis depending on what the space is used for.

It may be that the client has seen some handle designs on other furniture. Specialist joinery skills used by bespoke joinery manufacturers can recreate those handles, such is the versatility of bespoke joinery.


Decorative mouldings aren’t confined to domestic furniture. Heritage is becoming increasingly popular in commercial spaces too. Bespoke furniture design allows the client to indulge in the decorative mouldings of choice on doors or furniture, making the room uniform yet characterful.

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