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Bespoke joinery for offices

Bespoke joinery for offices

The value of bespoke joinery for offices has been realised over time with more and more companies keen to improve their workspace and the wellbeing of employees.

Bespoke joinery provides fittings and furniture that make the best use of space, that are practical for daily use and look welcoming and impressive to employees and visitors.

JSJ UK is a bespoke joinery specialist based in Preston. We design and produce bespoke joinery using a range of materials to meet the specific briefs of our clients.

Bespoke joinery for offices at IPF

See how we developed bespoke joinery for offices at IPF, Leeds. Click here.

The demand for bespoke joinery in office environments

The demand for bespoke joinery in office environments has increased partly due to the competitive edge of companies keen to have the most modern offices to attract the best employees. Companies have also come to understand that the quality and versatility of bespoke fittings and furniture can help productivity and employee wellbeing.

Particularly since the pandemic when people have had to work from home, employers have been keen to entice them back into the office with environments and furniture that are tailored to their work needs and wellbeing. There is also a focus on making offices homely to replicate the fulfilment and contentment of being at home.

Bespoke joinery allows company directors to lay out exactly what they want and how each element should work with others. Often, furniture and fittings that are bought off the shelf don’t fulfil the needs of the company and its employees. There is a lot of compromise that can be avoided.

The return on investment from bespoke joinery is now more widely understood. Bespoke joinery provides much better quality fittings and furniture that last much longer, and also meets the needs of the business. As such there is no need to replace bespoke joinery for some time, whereas readymade fittings and furniture often don’t meet expectations and need to be replaced more quickly.

Bespoke joinery for office reception area

View our range of bespoke joinery for offices at 340 Deansgate, Manchester. Read the case study here.

Modern office designs

Modern office designs are still primarily open plan, but with separate breakout areas and collaborative spaces. Rows of desks in closed rooms are less prevalent in modern office design, as are clinical, plain coloured rooms and furniture. Now modern office design is very much about comfort, colour and the use of natural lighting and materials.

The communal areas of modern office designs have plush furniture and soft furnishings to replicate the comfort of homes, while collaborative spaces have larger desks for people to work together as a team.

Branding is a feature of modern office design. This includes logos and brand colours throughout the space. Employees feel very much part of the company and its vision, while for visitors it is clear that the company is proud of its brand, which is a valuable subliminal sales tool.

Bespoke office fit out services

JSJ UK provide bespoke office fit out services. From understanding what a bespoke office fit out is expected to achieve, we provide customised office designs that transform the way the company works. This includes the creation of bespoke joinery and furniture and installation.

If required JSJ UK can project manage the entire office fit out. For more information get in touch with the JSJ UK team at info@jsjuk.co, or by calling 01772 827173.

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