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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke joinery for education

Bespoke joinery for the education sector transforms interior settings such as classrooms, halls, communal areas, student accommodation, dining rooms, offices, staff rooms, and libraries. The idea is to inspire students and to create an environment that aids learning.

JSJ UK are bespoke joinery manufacturers with extensive experience in the education sector. We have worked with various schools, colleges and universities throughout the North West as well as the rest of the UK.

We provided bespoke joinery for The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), where we manufactured and installed two stunning helical staircases within the Student Centre.

The advantages of bespoke joinery for education buildings

A well designed classroom or lecture room inspires learning and productivity.

Each education facility is different to another due to its unique location, size and users. A ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t accommodate the specific needs of schools, colleges and universities. Bespoke joinery in education buildings solves these problems with designs that meet unique functionality and environment requirements.

  • Learners with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) particularly benefit from bespoke joinery. With an increased focus on their inclusion in mainstream education, bespoke joinery allows teachers to accommodate their needs and maximise their potential in a typical education setting.
  • For education providers bespoke joinery enhances the building’s environment which is now part of Ofsted’s reporting. Inspectors are increasingly offering learning environment recommendations for how providers can improve.
  • Bespoke joinery prevents schools, colleges and universities from buying too much unnecessary furniture and enables them to use space more effectively and introduce quirky features. Pupils and students can also be consulted on bespoke joinery designs so that they feel invested in their environment.
  • Particularly for schools, bespoke joinery produces high quality fittings and furniture that stand the test of time. The return on investment is significant allowing education providers to spend money elsewhere rather than having to regularly replace furniture and fittings.
Advantages of bespoke fitted furniture

Bespoke school furniture for you

Bespoke school furniture for your school building is not limited to desks and workstations. It also includes storage, seating, dining furniture, shelving, social spaces and tables.

To encourage the use of the library, bespoke bookcases, shelving, seating, desks and chairs can be designed to be appealing to young students.

Young people are now more sensitive to their surroundings than ever before, so libraries and classrooms should no longer be bland and clinical; they should inspire and reflect the personality of their users. Bespoke school furniture delivers innovative concepts to meet your pupils’ needs.

Bespoke joinery services

JSJ UK’s bespoke joinery services transform education buildings. Our designs are personalised based on our discussions with you about what you want your bespoke joinery to achieve in your education setting.

We use our inhouse CAD (computer aided design) software to present you with our designs that accurately represent what the project will deliver. You will be offered a range of materials to create a truly unique space. We monitor quality control of our bespoke joinery services throughout the project.


Do you design modular units?

Yes, we can develop modular designs so that units can be easily moved around the building.

Can you work with our main contractor on our school refit?

Yes, we regularly work for main contractors and collaborate with other trades to deliver projects on time and within budget.

We have some fittings and furniture we’d like to keep. Can you work with those?

Yes, the beauty of bespoke joinery is that our designs can match or complement existing furniture and fittings.

Choose JSJ UK for bespoke joinery in your education building

For more information on JSJ UK’s bespoke joinery for education projects, get in touch at info@jsjuk.co or by calling 01772 827173.

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