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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke joinery for commercial interiors

Crafting bespoke joinery for commercial interiors isn’t just about creating an exceptional aesthetic design. Commercial interiors must be functional, safe and an inspiring place to work and visit.

The design of bespoke joinery within commercial interiors needs to reflect the purpose and branding of the space.

Commercial interior fit outs with bespoke joinery

For commercial interior fit outs, bespoke joinery involves creating the fixtures and fittings that make the commercial space work for those that use it. While aesthetics are obviously important, user experience of the space is an essential element of any commercial interior fit out.

Bespoke joinery covers a range of concepts. It can be intricate carpentry detail that gives a commercial interior a high-quality finish, or it can produce practical solutions such as window frames and door frames.

Furniture is, of course, an essential element of commercial fit outs. There are many considerations for furniture in commercial settings such as ergonomic requirements, layout and the best use of space, fabrics and branding.

Bespoke joinery produces high quality furniture pieces that last a long time and therefore offer an impressive return on investment.

Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

View our bespoke furniture and joinery solutions we created for IPF, Leeds.

Bespoke workplace design

When it comes to bespoke workplace design it is advisable to consult with employees to find out what they would benefit from having in their work environment.

In 2022 the focus is very much on home working and other flexible working arrangements, and workplace design now needs to reflect this shift in work patterns.

To accommodate flexible working, current trends in bespoke workplace design are breakout areas, social spaces, open plan offices and cool dining areas. The number of workstations required may also have reduced since the last office refurbishment.

The services the company provides and how departments work together will also affect bespoke workplace design.

Bespoke joinery for Manchester office

JSJ UK is a bespoke joinery manufacturer for commercial interior fit outs. To design staircases, windows, doors, furniture and intricate carpentry concepts in workplaces, we get detailed information from the client about the use of their workspace, their vision, budget, the practical solutions required and timescales.

Equipped with these details we use our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create detailed and incredibly accurate designs to present to the client. This gives them a clear overview of what can be created for their workspace within budget.

Safety will be a major factor in the design of workplace interiors. Bespoke joinery is designed to the best safety standards, particularly as it produces high quality products tailormade to work seamlessly with the rest of the workplace fit out.

Bespoke joinery for commercial interiors

At JSJ UK we use a range of materials in our bespoke joinery for commercial interiors. These include timber, laminates, acrylics and fabrics. A wider range of natural and engineered materials is available for innovative joinery features, furniture and fixtures for commercial interiors.

The team of expert artisans at our Preston workshop produce bespoke joinery for commercial interiors to the highest levels of quality control.

How can we help?

To find out more about JSJ UK’s bespoke joinery for commercial interiors, contact us on 01772 827173 or at info@jsjuk.co.

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