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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke furniture for commercial projects

The benefits are clear to see when creating bespoke furniture for commercial projects. When developing a commercial interior design concept that must consider branding, ergonomics, layout and space, trying to fit off-the-shelf products into the scheme can be problematic.

The result, more often than not, is an unbalanced interior that hasn’t reached its potential.

Bespoke furniture for commercial projects

Commercial bespoke furniture for your project

Commercial bespoke furniture is manufactured to your specification. JSJ UK create customised furniture and fittings that are on-brand, functional, high quality and wherever possible, sustainable.

We work with clients or third parties including architects, developers and interior designers to design top quality furniture that represents excellent value for money and a significant return on investment.

Our clients come from many different commercial sectors including student accommodation, offices and hospitality.

Choosing the right bespoke furniture for commercial projects

While the whistles and bells of interior design are fun to work on, there are some basics that must come first when choosing the right bespoke furniture for commercial projects.

Advantages of bespoke fitted furniture

Seating is a primary factor to consider when creating bespoke furniture for commercial projects. Whether the seating is for an office, hospitality venue, accommodation or showroom, the design and placement of seating can be the core element in the success of the project.

Seating should be part of the earliest fit-out plans to ensure the layout of the space fully accommodates its users and the kind of seating they require. Factors such as ergonomics, fabrics, chair adjustments, access to lighting and comfort all need to be taken into account.

Reception desks create a crucial first impression. They need to be on-brand and represent your business authentically. A corporate-looking reception desk would, for example, look out of place in a play centre. A bespoke design will hit the mark.

Storage is a requirement for every commercial space, yet it is often deprioritised. Drawers, cabinets, towers and shelving should all be factored into the layout of the commercial project. Meeting tables and collaborative spaces also require careful consideration to ensure productivity is maximised.

Choosing the right bespoke furniture for commercial projects

Why specify bespoke contract furniture?

The quality of bespoke contract furniture offers a significant return on investment. Having been designed specifically for the space, bespoke contract furniture is unlikely to cause user frustration which avoids early replacement. Its quality also allows for a longer lifespan than off-the-shelf furniture products.

Bespoke contract furniture is designed to fully meet the needs of its users which leads to a happier workforce. To avoid having to destroy existing furniture, bespoke contract furniture can also be commissioned to match.


What materials do you use to create bespoke furniture?

We use a range of materials including timber, acrylic, high pressure laminates and fabrics. The choice depends on the requirements of the customer.

Can you project manage my commercial fit-out?

Yes we provide a full project management service including layout and design, budget and costings, phasing and scheduling, management of trades, supply chain management and ongoing consultation services.

Can I be involved in the design process?

Of course. You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

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