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Custom office joinery Manchester

Custom office joinery Manchester

Custom office joinery in Manchester is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the premises of businesses and organisations keen to impress stakeholders, workers, and clients.

The redevelopment of Manchester’s commercial spaces continues at pace. Manchester is a prime location for start-ups, creative industries, and large, influential organisations such as the BBC, Google, and Amazon.

We provide custom office joinery for Manchester businesses

JSJ UK specialises in the manufacture of custom interior furniture and fittings for offices across the Manchester region. Our custom office joinery services include:

  • Layout and design
  • Budget and costings
  • Phasing and scheduling
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Site management
  • Supply chain management

Throughout a project we provide ongoing consultation and advice to ensure the project is delivered to the expectations of the client.

We provide custom office joinery for Manchester businesses

Why use custom joinery for your next office project?

Custom joinery in offices enhances productivity. With an increase in hybrid working, it is essential that office layouts and furniture accommodate an agile way of working. Custom joinery facilitates this requirement.

Your office surroundings should authentically represent your brand. Before designing your office furniture and fixtures we learn about the culture of your company and how you would like your brand to be represented in the design concept. We take that information to create striking but practical custom joinery pieces.

The quality of custom joinery enhances the aesthetics and ambiance of your office space. Using a range of the highest quality materials such as timber, acrylics, high pressure laminates and fabrics amongst others, we can create custom joinery schemes that look stunning and have a long lifespan which offers an impressive return on investment.

Key aspects of bespoke workspace design

  • Bespoke workspace design provides the opportunity to match an existing scheme with new furniture, fixtures, and fittings. This saves the cost of replacing all aspects of joinery.
  • Each company is unique. Bespoke workspace design enables a company to create an office space that communicates the aspirations and culture of the company to anyone who uses the building.
  • Bespoke workspace design can incorporate mobile, multifunctional joinery pieces that free up floor space. This creates a workspace that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Creating bespoke, made to measure furniture allows you to maximise your space. If your office is not a conventional shape, or it is fairly small, bespoke workspace design can be used to create custom office furniture that doesn’t waste space or encroach too much on the floor area.

Watch a video demonstrating our custom office joinery at 111 Piccadilly in Manchester. Read the full case study here.

Bespoke office design for worker wellbeing

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, worker wellbeing has been a primary concern for employers. Bespoke office design can provide significant assistance here.

Custom, ergonomic furniture that is designed to benefit workers’ bodies, particularly the spine, neck and hips is a huge step towards protecting their wellbeing. Information about the kind of work and physical movement that is required of workers in an organisation can be used to design bespoke ergonomic furniture that will provide long term benefits.

Beautiful bespoke office design also makes workers feel valued and comfortable in their surroundings. It can inspire workers to feel good about going to the office.

Choose JSJ UK for your next custom office joinery project

Contact us at info@jsjuk.co or by calling 01772 827173.

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