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Project: Element
Client: Bridge Properties
Project leads: Flexible Business Interiors & Incognito
Location: Birchwood, Warrington
Total project value: £1.7million

Step inside the award-winning, three-story, 40,000 sq ft Element building at Birchwood and you’ll be struck by its cool, calming, and contemporary styling. This is a premium office space, with style, sustainability, and connectivity at its heart.

Our role in the development saw us deliver a wealth of bespoke joinery throughout. The reception area boasts an abundance of natural wood, with dark slatted wood walls carefully illuminated to create a welcoming glow on arrival. The inviting effect of the tactile, textured walls is amplified by the entrance’s high ceilings, creating an airy and open atmosphere despite the cosy richness of light bouncing on dark walls. Our slatted ceiling – in light and open natural tones – drops pendant lighting into the entryway.

Former lift shafts have been transformed by our handiwork into snug booths, designed to inspire both collaborative and independent work in quiet spaces adjacent to the buzz of the building’s communal areas.

Slatted walls continue into the restaurant, delivering cohesion throughout the scheme. Our bespoke joinery encompasses the restaurant’s seating, fridge and serving areas. A custom-designed lightbox runs the length of the servery, drawing diners towards the area with an intriguing, inviting design. With slatted panels diverting light in different directions, the lightbox is a truly engaging feature that attracts attention from afar but must be seen up close to be understood and fully appreciated.

Bathrooms throughout the building also benefit from JSJ UK’s craftsmanship, with our joinery manufacturing enhancing all shower and toilet cubicles.

This was a significant project for JSJ UK, working in close collaboration with plumbers, electricians, and all other trades.

Feature staircase and bespoke joinery

Stephen Clarke, director at Flexible Business Interiors, said: “This is the latest in a long list of collaborations with JSJ UK. The team never disappoints, and their work at Element is crucial in setting the tone for the building. Quality craftsmanship shines through, helping us to present a space that is innovative, exciting, inviting, and professional.

“JSJ UK makes the process seem simple; they are very straightforward and refuse to be defeated by even the boldest ideas. We call on them to help bring our vision to life, and they’ll always find ways to translate ambitious plans into workable results that fit the budget.”

Office bespoke joinery

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