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Bespoke workspace design for productivity and wellbeing

Bespoke workspace design offers businesses the opportunity to enhance the daily lives of workers and improve productivity.

Rather than tasking management teams with making offices ‘look better’ by buying some furniture and painting walls, companies are turning to bespoke workspace design specialists.

Benefits of bespoke offices in a post-pandemic world

The pandemic has brought about significant change in how we work. The move towards home working and hybrid working has made companies rethink the layout of their workspaces, knowing that the design must be influenced by the way in which the space is used. This is where the benefits of bespoke offices in a post-pandemic world come to fruition:

  • Bespoke offices are built around the changing needs of the business which naturally boosts productivity. This might include the provision of social spaces, collaborative areas and desks that can be configured into different shapes and sizes. This is a huge step forward from uninspiring hotdesking areas and fixed desks.
  • One of the benefits of bespoke offices in a post-pandemic world is versatility in how workspaces are used. Bespoke modular, adaptable designs provide the option to change the purpose of a particular area, use partitioning or scale up or down when required.
  • A key benefit of a bespoke office in a post pandemic world is that bespoke office design enhances company culture by clearly defining brand identity and company ethos. This is key for workers who may only spend a day or two in the office each week.
Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

Workspace design trends

Blended materials

Workplace design trends are moving towards a blended mix of materials. In one office there may be washed concrete, crittall doors and natural wood, all of which offer different textures and style.

Mixed-use space

A workspace design trend that has emerged in reaction to social change is the provision of mixed-use space. Younger generations of workers thrive in social, collaborative environments. However, there is still a need for privacy and quiet. Mixed-use space is a workplace design trend that sees a mix of private, semi-private and open workspaces in one building with the benefit of being able to interchange between each when necessary.


Biophilic design, the use of natural light, plants and materials is a workspace design trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Sit-stand desks are also proving to be popular in an attempt to keep workers moving to avoid aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulders.

High-end design

With a focus on tempting workers back to offices and to compete for the best talent, companies are more mindful of how their offices look and feel. The workspace design trend for ultra-modern contemporary space has brought more common areas, gyms, modern furnishings and state-of-the art design to workspaces than ever before.

Bespoke joinery for Manchester office

We create bespoke workspace designs

JSJ UK are joinery specialists who create bespoke workspace designs. From our state-of-the-art workshop in Preston, we create bespoke workspace designs for end clients and contractors that are manufactured to the highest specification.

If you would like more information on how JSJ UK can create bespoke workspace designs for you, contact JSJ UK on 01772 827173 or email us.

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