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Bespoke joinery

Time and consideration are important aspects in designing our bespoke joinery pieces. Our dedicated team of designers, craftsmen and installers ensure a full end-to-end solution when designing, crafting and installing bespoke joinery.

We collaborate with architects, interior designers, main contractors and specifiers where we offer quality, made-to-measure joinery that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Bespoke joinery design

First and foremost we ensure the initial brief is fully understood and then detailed design drawings are produced. We take into consideration application and the internal environment, so how will the interior space be used and how should the furniture make people feel who use it?

JSJ UK can design bespoke joinery into a fully designed scheme or even supply as a one-off statement piece.

For example, we delivered a bespoke joinery package to 340 Deansgate – a Manchester city centre office space. We designed and crafted furniture and joinery pieces that integrated throughout the reception area, communal toilet areas across three floors and the lift lobbies.

The project featured several specialist and contemporary joinery pieces and components that required careful thought. Each joinery piece had to ensure it could be installed properly, was structurally safe and integrated with the office’s interior aesthetics.

Because the slatted ceiling was pre-assembled when delivered to site, we had to ensure it followed accurate measurements, with our team collaborating with the signage contractor to facilitate the hanging of a bespoke Perspex sign from the slab above.

Read the full case study here.

Bespoke joinery for your project

Bespoke joinery isn’t the cheapest option compared with more off-the-shelf joinery pieces, but it may not be as expensive as the word ‘bespoke’ often implies.

Because the bespoke nature means it is made to measure and high quality, it is usually a one-time investment. We make sure our client’s aspirations and expectations are carefully managed depending on budget requirements.

Often, made-to-measure joinery adds value to a property, whether it is commercial, residential or industrial.

If you are looking for bespoke furniture for your project,  contact our team today to see how we can help, on telephone 01772 827173 or email us info@jsjuk.co

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