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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke fitted furniture for offices

Good office design can mean different things to different businesses. Some prefer an open plan layout while others prefer lots of separate rooms. Some benefit from rows of workstations while others require a more collaborative scheme.

Whichever style of office fit out a company needs, bespoke fitted furniture makes a huge difference to its success.

Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

Commercial bespoke fitted furniture for offices

Offices have changed considerably over the years, particularly since the pandemic. With a heightened focus on mental wellbeing, offices are less clinical and impersonal than they used to be. The influence of the likes of Google and Amazon with their beanbags, relaxation pods and biophilia, has introduced a more relaxed style of office design.

Commercial bespoke fitted furniture for offices has changed to meet the demands of employees, even more so than company owners. Collaborative spaces, social areas, breakout rooms, fresh looking canteens and workstations that benefit the posture and productivity of workers are all considerations in bespoke office fitted furniture.

JSJ UK design, manufacture and install commercial bespoke fitted furniture for offices. Our team of highly skilled artisans create stunning, personalised furniture designs at our workshop in Preston. Firstly, however, we build a relationship with the client to understand the office space, their motivations, design goals and expectations.

Advantages of bespoke fitted furniture

The advantages of bespoke fitted furniture for your office project

When it comes to designing an office fit-out, bespoke office furniture provides greater versatility in your design choices.

  • Bespoke fitted furniture in office projects provides the opportunity to work with a range of materials that may not be found in furniture that is ready-made to buy.
  • Not all offices have a straightforward layout. Some have difficult spaces to furnish that off-the-shelf furniture won’t fit into. Bespoke office furniture can be made to whatever dimensions are required.
  • It is easier to meet sustainability goals with bespoke fitted furniture for your office project. You have input into the materials and manufacturing methods used.
  • Bespoke fitted furniture can be designed to be on-brand. Branding is important in any office, and the interior design and furniture should reflect that. That might involve incorporating brand colours or having furniture that represents the kind of business the furniture is in. For example a trendy social media company may want to steer away from corporate looking furniture to have a relaxed design instead.
  • If some legacy furniture is to be kept, the bespoke additional furniture can be manufactured to match, therefore creating a cohesive office design.


Is bespoke office furniture expensive?

No it isn’t when you consider the return on investment of bespoke joinery manufacturing. Readymade furniture is replaced much more quickly than bespoke furniture, either because of its quality or its layout limitations. It also isn’t as robust.

Do you install the bespoke furniture?

Yes we design, manufacture and install our bespoke office furniture.

Do you provide material samples?

Yes we provide material samples, whether they are our own or that of our trading partners.

Do I get to see an image of the designs before work begins?

Yes we use our state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) software to supply 3D images of how the bespoke furniture will look.

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For more information on JSJ UK bespoke joinery and office fit outs for businesses, get in touch at info@jsjuk.co or by calling 01772 827173.

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