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Specialist bespoke joinery services

Pictured: Bespoke joinery services we carried out at Autocab, Manchester, including bespoke featured staircase. Read the full case study here.

Bespoke joinery design

Bespoke joinery design enhances commercial spaces through customised statement pieces, high quality artistry and authentic furniture schemes.

Rather than simply upgrading an office or retail space by buying new furniture or painting walls, bespoke joinery offers a significantly greater impact when renovating or building commercial spaces.

Custom joinery enhances the daily lives of workers with improved productivity and increased wellbeing. It offers businesses the chance to create a space that reflects their professionalism, creativity, culture and ambition.

Bespoke joinery design for your project

JSJ UK is a bespoke joinery design specialist who can help with your refurbishment or new build project. We have an excellent reputation for providing bespoke joinery designs that transform spaces and deliver the vision of our clients.

Advantages of bespoke joinery

  • Unique designs – it can be very difficult to achieve a client’s vision through mass-produced products
  • Made to measure – bespoke joinery can be made to fit exactly into a space and improve the use of a room
  • Durability and quality – bespoke joinery is built to last longer than items bought off the shelf
  • Match existing pieces – rather than having to replace all furniture and fittings
  • Use different materials – you can decide which materials you use and how they should be combined and complement each other
  • Branding – commercial bespoke joinery design can incorporate branding, giving your commercial space a clear identity.

Bespoke joinery for commercial spaces

Bespoke joinery in commercial spaces inspires productivity. Having bespoke joinery pieces demonstrates to staff that you care about their environment and that they are happy where they work.

In commercial spaces, custom-fit joinery also sends a message to existing and potential clients that you value detail and your standards are high.

We offer specialist bespoke joinery services

Pictured: We provided a range of bespoke joinery and furniture for IPF, Leeds. Read the full case study here.

Our bespoke joinery projects

IPF, Leeds (Commercial)

International Personal Finance (IPF) based in Leeds wanted to incorporate bespoke joinery design into the refurbishment of their offices.

JSJ UK’s extensive remit was to create bespoke joinery design that reflected the company’s ethical principles. They wanted an agile, hybrid work environment that would inspire productivity.

JSJ UK provided a bespoke reception desk with signage, alongside a timber-slat and black metal screen with planter display.

Our bespoke joinery designs in other areas included meeting and seating booths, timber wall cladding, storage credenza with integral fridge, a bespoke ceiling raft, a high dining bench, and a kitchen installation including islands.

University of Central Lancashire – UCLan (Education)

For UCLan, JSJ UK were brought into the £60 million redevelopment of the Student Centre at the heart of the city centre campus to deliver bespoke joinery designs for two spectacular, helical feature staircases.

Our bespoke joinery designs included integrated lighting along the handrails. This was both a practical and design-led element that delivers the wow factor when students enter the space. The bespoke joinery design and build of the two staircases involved detailed planning to ensure that all elements worked well together to create the desired results.

Bar Pintxos, Preston (Hospitality)

The owner of Bar Pintxos wanted bespoke joinery design to create a welcoming, vibrant and authentically Spanish environment in his city centre restaurant, influenced by the Spanish coastal town of San Sebastián.

JSJ UK were asked to design fitted and freestanding furniture alongside other bespoke joinery elements.

Our bespoke joinery designs included new bar areas, feature wall cladding, toilet cubicles and vanities, bespoke wine storage units, wall hung perch tables and wall decorative panelling.

Choose JSJ UK for your bespoke joinery design

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