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Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

Whether it’s a one-off furniture design or a full fit out joinery project, designing bespoke joinery for interiors is a compelling journey. It is a perfect way to enhance your residential, commercial or hospitality space and showcase your personality.

The bespoke nature of the joinery scheme means you can maximise both form and function into your interior. Meaning you create something that is totally unique and aesthetically on point, while seamlessly integrating into your current set up and standing the test of time.

Bespoke joinery can act as a signature statement item in a room, serving as a beautiful backdrop or focal point. Or blend into the current style and personality of a room enhancing what is already there with similar styling.

For example, if you are a business owner looking to upgrade or refurbish your office space, bespoke joinery would be an amazing way to enhance your space. Transitioning from utilitarian, plain open plan office room, to a more thought out, exciting layout with meeting booths, zoned out areas, and storage options with built in planters.

Personalised joinery will preserve and enhance the original elements of an interior, particularly relevant in periodic or historic buildings. Whereas standard furniture and office design elements have a more limited impact.

Understanding your bespoke joinery requirements

Visualising your requirements is helpful when starting a bespoke project.

What functionality or purpose do you need with the customised design? What about placement? Size? Shape? Material selection? Are you looking for conceptual, classic or something with a modern twist?

These are all things that should be considered with bespoke joinery pieces. Once you have your requirements in place, that’s when the process can move on to the next stage – design.

Designing bespoke joinery for interiors of distinction

Pictured: Bespoke featured lift surrounds for iconic building Tower 12, Manchester. Read the full case study here.

What are the benefits of bespoke over standard?

It’s all in the details. Small details make a huge difference in bespoke design. The design, finishes, colour and hardware should always be carefully considered in customised joinery options.

Standard furniture pieces are mass manufactured items that are styled according to their own requirements.

You may be able to choose from a fairly wide selection of colours in the standard ranges of joinery,but with custom joinery and cabinetryyou will usually have the option to choose from any RAL colour. You may also have the option to colour match to your existing interior or apply stains or lacquers for a more rustic, unique appearance.

Another benefit of bespoke joinery is that because it is made to measure and fit perfectly in your interior space, it can help you get the most out of your space. With standard options you will more likely be left with voids or spaces where the furniture doesn’t quite fit flush together.

Is bespoke joinery expensive?

Integrating customised joinery into your interior space should be considered an investment. And the sum will far outweigh standard joinery and furniture items.

The term ‘bespoke’ often conjures up pre-conceived ideas that the cost will be a LOT more expensive than standard options. But that isn’t always the case.

Yes, the unique design and functionality of your bespoke scheme will carry added expense as you are paying for a service as well as the product. But included in this comes experience, skill, a keen eye for detail and passion.

Bespoke joinery for Manchester office

Pictured: Bespoke joinery for Manchester office 340 Deansgate. Read the full case study here.

For example, if you are a retail owner and looking to upgrade your shop space, it is entirely possible to source display furniture and storage options to enhance your interior. Your purchases are driven by cost and you manage to stick within a budget, and the furniture looks ok and your shop fulfils a purpose.

However, if you opted for bespoke joinery options and designs to upgrade your shop space, you will benefit from stunning furniture that carefully fits the interior space to maximise its potential. You will get furniture schemes that not only enhances your interior but reflects your brand and makes a statement to all shoppers, enriching their shopping experience.

JSJ for interiors you can trust

JSJ’s team of highly skilled craftsmen work tirelessly to create custom joinery schemes and furniture pieces to your exact requirements. A combination of expertise, knowledge and experience results in a timeless design for your project, and they take care of every little detail.

Our reputation for providing a personal service and recognising the unique demands of each project, has helped us to build strong relationships with our customers over the years.

We work closely with business owners, architects, contractors and other design professionals and oversee the entire process to guarantee that everything comes together correctly. You can rest assured that your project will be in good hands from the start. Contact us today on 01772 827173 or email us at info@jsjuk.co to kickstart your bespoke joinery project.

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