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bespoke interior refurbishment transforms commercial spaces

Bespoke joinery for office fit out

Bespoke joinery is increasingly in demand for unique and inspirational office fit outs.
Office fit outs need to meet a long list of client requirements.

Company directors, landlords and property developers all have briefs that lay out both their own expectations and those of the workers who will occupy the offices.

Companies know that their offices must reflect their professionalism and aspirations. Tired offices with mismatched furniture, fixtures and fittings are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Bespoke joinery presents the opportunity to create inspirational office spaces that attract the best talent and impress potential clients.

How does bespoke joinery fit into the office fit out process?

Bespoke joinery is an integral part of the office fit out process and must be included in the initial fit out plans. That includes bespoke furniture. It is often thought that furniture can wait until the office build is complete, but office furniture is a key element of the layout of office space.

In terms of timescales, bespoke joinery should be designed and decided upon as soon as possible to provide enough time for it to be custom-made.

When you consider that bespoke joinery can include major fixtures such as bespoke staircases, flooring, wall features, kitchens and seating, it is essential that the client’s vision is fully discussed and understood. Brand identity, employee welfare, ways of working, collaboration and social spaces all need to be considered within the bespoke joinery remit.

At JSJ UK we provide a fully bespoke joinery design and manufacture service for commercial spaces. We can project-manage the entire fit out including budget and costings, phasing and scheduling, site management and supply chain management. We provide ongoing consultation to ensure the office fit out process runs smoothly.

Advantages of bespoke fitted furniture

Advantages of bespoke joinery

Bespoke joinery enables workers to be more productive by providing stunning fixtures and fittings that enhance workspaces and make people want to achieve. Office workers understand the value of working in beautiful, carefully planned and designed workplaces so become more productive and happy in their surroundings.

Company directors and property developers know that bespoke joinery provides much higher quality fixtures and fittings and that they will receive a greater return on their investment. Bespoke joinery lasts much longer than readymade office fixtures and furniture, and can be designed to match existing fixtures in part-refurbishments, thereby saving the cost of replacing all the existing joinery.

Brand identity is important to any business, and bespoke joinery can incorporate branding in walls, flooring, signage and other fixtures and fittings.


Do JSJ UK install their bespoke joinery designs?

Yes, we provide a full design, manufacture and installation service.

How long does an office fit out take?

Each project takes a different amount of time to complete. Before proceeding we make sure you fully understand, and are happy with, our timescales.

How do I decide on a budget for bespoke joinery?

We discuss what you want to achieve to help you understand the kind of budget you need. We will respect your budget and guide you through designs that are achievable within that budget.

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