Bespoke joinery manufacturer, JSJ UK, has recorded significant year-on-year growth, largely thanks to a rise in workplace refurbs as organisations tempt staff back to the office.

JSJ UK delivers bespoke fit-out schemes using specialist craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery. So far in 2023, it has carried out a third more office refurbishments than the same period in 2022, devising workplace schemes that set businesses up for success with hybrid working models, and re-establishing the office as an exciting and inviting environment.

Latest stats from the Office of National Statistics show that most people who can work from home are now engaged in hybrid working – spending part of the week at home and part in the office. 40 per cent of adults now work from home at least once a week, as opposed to just 12 per cent in 2019.

The staying power of home working – which is showing no signs of abating as time continues to pass since lockdowns forced the trend – has led many businesses to rethink the traditional office space. JSJ UK has reported an influx of enquiries and instructions from organisations seeking to reconfigure and reinvigorate office spaces.

Recently, the bespoke joinery manufacturer played an integral role in the refurbishment of Autocab’s award-nominated office at Circle Square with ADT Workplace and provided specialist joinery services for Element, a strikingly stylish multi-let office building in Birchwood that was designed by Incognito and delivered by Flexible Business Interiors.

Jack Smith, managing director at JSJ UK, says: “Hybrid working is here to stay, and so the role of the office has changed. In 2023, workspaces must facilitate collaboration like never before, fostering a sense of community among colleagues who may see each other just a handful of times a month. We’re taking on briefs from clients who need spaces that cultivate strong relationships and effective partnerships.

“Offices in 2023 also need to shape-shift, allowing for the arrival of different people on different days of the week. We’re working on open-plan spaces that are interactive, with meeting rooms, social spaces, dining areas, and games areas. We are forging break-out and meeting spaces in all kinds of usable areas – from underneath staircases to separate booths and kitchen islands.

“Conversely, there is also huge value in quiet areas – spaces for people to escape the hustle and bustle of office life when it gets too much, particularly if they’ve become accustomed to home working.

“What’s more, dull just won’t do. When working from home is an option, offices must be inviting, creative, and exciting spaces. This is where our craftsmanship has really come into play. Offices can be beautiful, considered, tactile, and inspiring. That’s what we create.

“This is a real period of change, and it’s exciting for us to be on the ground, reinventing what work looks like in 2023 and beyond. And as the world of work grows and evolves, so too has JSJ UK. Our team and our profits have both been boosted by this new wave of hybrid working, and we’re looking forward to more to come.”

Alongside its office refurbishment arm, JSJ UK has grown its presence in the hospitality sector. 2023 has seen it tackle 33 per cent more jobs in leisure than during the same period in 2022. Its signature craftsmanship, style and flawless finish can be seen at Manchester’s modernist New Century Hall, where JSJ UK delivered all joinery for the jaw-dropping drinks area with Workspace Design & Build.

Jack adds: “We’re known for delivering a flawless finish, and as customers come to expect eye-catching design from their favourite bars and restaurants, we’ve seen a rise in business. Our lives have never been more photographed or sharable, and we all want to spend time in beautifully designed and crafted spaces. This boost in business has been a real pleasure, crafting the perfect bar is a job I know lots of people would love.”