Student Accommodation

With 130+ years of combined experience, JSJ UK is the North West’s leading producer of quality bespoke furniture and fittings. We bring together the pieces that work for you.

Students want bragging rights when it comes to their university accommodation. And so do the operators developing it.

We know your end users dream big about the facilities they’ll have at their disposal once they’ve broken free from the family home, so we  make it our mission to deliver it. We make the bread and butter of university digs – the bed, the desk, the kitchen – something to behold, and make the extras (coffee shops, laundrettes, cinemas, games rooms) so enticing.

And when we say we make it, that’s exactly what we mean. At our state-of-the-art workshop in Preston, our team of highly skilled craftsman use the latest joinery machinery to create customised furniture and give you more than you’d expect from a typical joinery service.

Student accommodation was the birthplace of JSJ; it’s where we’re most experienced. When clients talk about what we’ve delivered for them, it sounds something like this: ‘It just worked’. ‘They made my life easy’. ‘They saw the things I couldn’t see’. We know the ins and outs of what it takes to get a university accommodation fit out or refurb projectright – down to the tight timelines and limited spaces you work with. We understand your challenges. And better yet, we understand you.

Why use JSJ?

We manufacture to specification – we create bespoke furniture and fittings that are built around your brand and are delivered to the highest levels of quality control.

We work with the best – we use various types of natural and engineered materials to bring your scheme to life, including timber, acrylic, high pressure laminates, fabrics and more.

We offer an in-house CAD drawing service – we use innovative software to showcase every detail of your project with superb accuracy, which increases efficiency, speeds up production and eradicates error.

We offer an end-to-end project management infrastructure to truly embed in your project, with services including:

  • Layout and design
  • Budget and costings
  • Phasing and scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • Access to an extensive network of trades
  • Ongoing consultation, advice and guidance

We have worked with:

“Ahead of this project, our Durham common room was sparse and uninviting; it certainly wasn’t going to add anything to our students’ experience with us.

We briefed JSJ to create a multifunctional room which would maximise the available space, and would provide more than 220 students with facilities to enable socialisation, relaxation and study.

JSJ delivered a scheme which provided distinct zones for each of these functions, including a variety of bespoke furniture pieces which made the area truly one of a kind. I’d worked with JSJ before this project so knew they would deliver, but everything about their design was perfectly matched to what we needed, and in line with their original ideas. The finished scheme was like walking into a CGI image – seamless, inch-perfect and executed perfectly.”

Samantha Davies, Head of Operations at CityBlock